About Annette


Born in East Germany, my parents decided to apply for departure to West Germany when I was 13. My whole life changed. So many different impressions and experiences which enhanced my life immensely. Starting from scratch, my parents didn’t have enough money to buy expensive items like a camera but I captured most of my memories in my mind. Making up stories about the things around me, I was always creative. I started drawing with pencil, mainly people and landscapes.

 I began photographing as a teenager and decided to make my hobby a career. After starting out in the portrait business over two decades ago I decided to change the course. Being out in nature and enjoying sceneries which always lead to a story was my first attempt and still is one of my favorite genres to photograph. The city, not so much different, also a landscape, that has its own character, is also one of my preferred subjects.  Reading books in every minute I can spare, I got introduced to the “Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand and was fascinated by architecture which is documented in my last two series.  Much of my work is in black and white allowing the contrast between light and dark to be the focus. More than documentary, my works use each photograph’s moody blend of grays or colors , towering architecture, silhouetted trees, to convey emotion. Imbued with my own feelings, each image should communicate a tone beyond its subject matter. I like to interpret the world through my camera lens with a unique eye towards the sentiment behind the image.