The Beauty of Trees

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  Trees are beautiful! No matter which season, they always shine with a special glow of strength and elegance. Some of them are old and wise looking, some of them just a couple of years old but fighting the weather in their own way. In a light green cloak during spring, changing to a dark… Read more »

The Magic of Mist and Morning Fog

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  Mist and Fog are capable of transforming a scene, adding mystery and mood in a simplifying way by reducing color and contrast. For this reason, often the scenes that suit these types of condition best are ones containing strong, obvious objects of interest.   Mist is often at its best just before and after… Read more »

Catch the light

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Nature and Landscape photographers have long recognized and worked hard to take advantage of the soft, seemingly magical light of early morning, regardless of their location or assignment. Natural light definitely is different in the first hour or two after daybreak. The solution is learning to stretch perfect light so you can still come away… Read more »

What is copyright

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  Today I would like to write a little bit about your rights to reproduce and handle your artwork.   Copyright is the exclusive right of a photographer to control the use and reproduction of the photographs they create. Copyright does not give photographers the right to freely use their images as they wish. State… Read more »

3 Secrets to shooting impressive Fall Photos

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beautiful fall day

Fall is a time of transition—summer slowly transforming into winter, rain returning more regularly, and green leaves turning spectacular colors before going dormant. This being the case, it can be a wonderful season for photographers. However, it takes more than just some colorful leaves to make a striking fall photo.           … Read more »