City Photography

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Big cities with their skylines, parks, open spaces, hidden corners and untold stories always fascinate me.
You have to walk them to truly get to know them and still every time you do that you will see something new.


Venice, Italy


Cities can have so many faces; for example Philadelphia with its Mural Art Program has produced so far around 3,600 graffiti paintings and wall arts all over the city and beyond.


Philadelphia is the capital of murals.


NYC, one of my favorite cities, with its bridges, parks and energetic life, is always worth a trip.


NYC View from Manhattan Bridge


Then there is Venice, where medieval times catch up to you. The narrow alleys, canals, old buildings and sinking facades will enchant you. The history of many centuries can still be felt everywhere.


Venice_Canals_by_Annette_Schreiber        Grand_Canal_by_Annette_Schreiber


Dubai, the total opposite, with its many skylines and an amazing variety of architectural styles This city is constantly growing and changing its face.


Side by Side


Now, how could you develop a passion for urban photography?


1. Architecture

No matter how familiar the city is, there is always something to photograph.
Old buildings with beautiful facades, new ones with unique compositions, strange lines or just shot from an unusual angle.


Las Vegas, City, Urban, Architecture       Burj Khalifa and Aston Martin Building


2. Street Life

People in open spaces, talking, walking, creating something or just sitting around taking a break.




A look into a side alley can offer an enchanting scenery you “just have to photograph”.




3. Landmarks

Every city has its landmarks.. Try to engage with its surroundings. How could you show this object like it was never seen before? Finding a way to see things with different eyes, telling stories with your photographs, will give these places a special meaning.
Bridges always fascinate me. You walk on them but you should also take a look underneath sometimes. Bridges can possess architectural beauty or stretch elegantly into landscapes in a way that might kindle your photographic creativity.


one_world_observation_tower_by_annette_schreiber        Manhattan Bridge        Venice_Bridge_by_Annette_Schreiber


4. Art

People have the unique gift to give their inner life and feelings form, sound or color. Big cities are buzzing with exciting artworks. Monuments, Graffiti, wall paintings , people who express themselves through costumes and play or artistic performances. And of course, there are musicians. Just because you can’t hear them on a photograph doesn’t mean you can’t photographically capture their energy, their passion.


Open Invitation        passion_by_Annette_Schreiber        glamorous_by_Annette_Schreiber


All these different kinds of photo categories can magnify different charms of a city.
Urban photography offers a huge variety of opportunities for photographers to follow their passion for a unique point of view im their photographs.

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