Photoshop is not a bad word

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I just attended the Photoshop World Conference for the second time. It is the most inspiring event for me and I can’t wait for next year to go back. People from all over the world come together to learn about the amazing possibilities you are offered to improve your photography and post processing work in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Yes, there it is! The word….Photoshop!




Do we really need it?

Personally, for photographers, I think it is 100% necessary if you want to compete today. Technology has changed everything. The world knows that Photoshop exists. The standards by which photography was judged, even just 10 years ago, don’t hold up against today’s standards. We expect more from a photo.

When I started out in Photography 26 years ago I worked in the good old dark room to process my photographs. Photos were manipulated there as they are today in Photoshop, just that it is so much easier, healthier and limitless.

There are many opinions out there what kind of rules apply to a good photo and what you should do. Should everything already been taken care of with the camera while taking the picture? Well, most of it should be done there but adding your personal touch and emotions to it, Photoshop is a great tool

I believe the sky is the limit if you are doing a creative job.
Photography is very creative and artistic.

In my home country, Germany, photography is still seen as a craft.It might have been one once, probably a century ago, but it has evolved.
There are tools available in today’s world that enable you to play with creativity.

Given the fact that the cameras today still can’t reach the perfection of our eye, the outcome will never be exactly how you have seen the scenery.

You are able to adjust those things in Photoshop.




So where does this dislike come from?

In my opinion it comes from not knowing Photoshop.
Most of the times, when asking people who don’t like this software, it turns out, they don’t know it and don’t work with it. They might know some photoshop’ed results they don’t like but that’s just one case out of endless possibilities.

As a photographer you should know how to operate this program in a way that pleases you and your clients.
I still see many photographers shaking their head over the use of Photoshop while talking about the good old days shooting film.
I was there once and I personally never want to go back. Times have changed and with advanced techniques came the freedom to take a picture and see the result right away instead of hoping that nothing went wrong when you develop those negatives in the darkroom.
The same philosophy carries Photoshop vs darkroom. Why make it so hard when it can be so easy. It gives your creativity wings.

By the way, who created all those rules which tell you what is supposed to be right or wrong? Us humans! We are very versatile and different beings which is a good thing. That is exactly the reason why everybody should be allowed to create what he/she believes in and can identify with. Remember, you won’t please everybody but there will be always someone who will like your work!

That’s what makes it special!

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