Composition Basics in Photography

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One of the most important things a photographer can carry in his bag is a firm understanding of the basic elements of photography. A picture is not just a piece of photo paper but the result of thousands of tiny variables coming together all at once. Understanding these different elements and how you can use… Read more »

Define yourself as a Photographer

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There comes a point in time when you will need to decide what type of photography you like and the specific genres you want to focus on. Most of us start out as generalists, shooting anything and everything that comes in front of your camera. But at a certain point in your career you have… Read more »

Frost and Ice Photography Tips

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A crisp coating of frost can transform any shot, from rural landscape to close-ups in your garden. Whatever the subject, the approach is the same – a fast one! A touch of sunlight, a degree or so rise in temperature and the magic’s gone. This may work to your advantage, allowing you to contrast cool,… Read more »

Photographic Excellence: How to critic your own photos

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Photographic Excellence: How to critic your own photos It has been said the most difficult thing for man to do is to judge his or her creative work, objectively. Be honest, can you tell when your work seems to be missing something? More importantly do you know what it is that’s missing? You can only… Read more »

Using Lines in Photography

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Using lines in photography is a very powerful method of improving the composition of photos. Properly used, lines can significantly increase the impact of images. Lines serve to affect photographic composition in two ways. First, they serve to create a mood. Second, they lead the eye through the photograph. By affecting mood, lines add emotional content… Read more »